Mixing printing ink (offset, flexo water and alcohol, UV offset and flexo)

Mixing printing ink for the customer's request to the Pantone system, HKS system, Lab values ​​or a rendered necessary sample.

To obtain the required tones base components are from manufacturers Sun Chemical and Radior.

Control of mixed colors is made electronically, which enables constant delivery of the same color, no matter how many times it is made ​​out.

For technical questions at your disposal is the mixing printing ink technical team.

Production aids offset and flexo

Production aids offset and flexo


Production auxiliaries includes all funds that are needed for printing:

- Washing and cleaning (rollers, bojanika, tires, plates and systems for wetting)
- Additional wetting (alcohol, puffer)
- Supplements for the treatment of soft water
- Other auxiliaries for color

Also in our range we have a huge range of vododisperzivnih and UV varnishes and their associated accessories (relays, cleaning, lubricity)

We perform the electronic measurement of the amount of alcohol in water, pH, conductivity, and gloss varnish.


Produce thinner, retarder, accelerator for flexo Alchohol.

For technical questions regarding the press, and the use of assistive devices thinner and varnish technical team is at your disposal